Garage Door Spring Repair Services Orleans Ontario

Garage door spring repair service in Orleans Ontario

Trust your best local garage door spring repair company: Garage Doors Orleans Ontario. A torsion spring has the most important job in the garage door function it carries the weight of the door lifting the garage door up and down. It hold great strength and tension.

At Garage Doors Orleans Ontario we understand that some minor repairs get completed by the home owner but a spring should not be attempted to get fixed by anyone that is not trained.

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24 Hour Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

Our certified, trained, bonded technicians are the best knowledge and skills to get the broken cable and spring replacement job done right. The technicians have the skills and come with proper tools.

Every garage door has a spring and double 2 car garage door has 2 springs, and they come in many different sizes. Your technician will come fully prepared with all the sizes so your broken garage door spring gets fixed on the spot with our same day service. With proper maintenance a spring should last a decade. A spring takes a lot of wear and tear due to the extreme weight it holds daily.

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Safety Tip: Don't Repair Broken Spring By Your Self!

At Garage Doors Orleans Ontario we understand that a spring can break at any given time without warning because we highly advise for a spring to get installed by a professional technician we are open 24 hours 7 days a week or we can book a scheduled time to work around you. If the door is partially open and got stuck for some reason, don't try to repair it or force release it, call a professional technician.

At Orleans garage door spring experts our technicians recommend you change both springs if they are side by side on the same garage door it can avoid future issues along the way and we will give a 15% discount if both springs are changed on the same door. We work in Avalon, Queenswood Village, Bilberry Creek and Chapel Hill South. Give us a call today.